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[NPC] Captain Jimbo
Name: James 'Jimbo' Lapis
Age: 26
Race: Mesalian
Sun tanned skin tone dotted with freckles and scars, Jimbo stands at 6ft tall, while tall he's lean and built with wirey muscle, which serves him well climbing rigging and commanding his ship. He's got a mop of ginger hair on his head, and bright blue eyes. He's left handed also and generally carries a well worn navel cutlass on his hip.

He's got the remnants of an old mark burnt into his left cheek.

Profession: Ship's Captain -- Emerald Tide

Secondary profession: Trader and Merchant

The small town of Goldcrest, located in the now Corelian Republic on the Forbidden Land continent.

Languages spoken (skill level):
Mesalian -- (expert)
Ko'ban -- (novice)

Closest living family:
Ezri Lapis Duras (Adopted Mother)
Zarkaylia Duras (Adopted Mother)
Silver Duras (Adopted Sister)

Ezri - Family
Zark - Family
Zaria - Friendly
Artemis - Respectful
Silver - Family
Mike - Friendly
Al - Respectful

Story in short:
James Harald Dawnson was born in the Corelian region about 25 years ago to a seamstress and a cobbler. His little sister Gemma was born a few years later.

From the start of younger years the region were more and more suffering the presence of bandits. When James was about the age of 11 his hometown Goldcrest was ransacked and the boy and his sister abducted. His parents perished then or shortly after.

James spent a few years with the bandits before he suddenly was caught sneaking around the camp of those that had just killed the bandits accompanying him: Ezri and Zarkaylia.

Jimbo was thus found near Corelia (by the ruins of Caxpius) and brought into the crew of Captain Ezri, She taught him how to sail as a child, starting out as a deck hand, and through years of dangerous travel, shipwrecks and death defying ventures at sea, Jimbo proved himself to the weary captain as not just capable and strong, but loyal to a fault. He ended up welcomed into her family after a time, though nearly grown by that point. 

As his captain mused retirement she began teaching Jimbo how to sail as captain, instead of crew. How to navigate and lead became a roll a grew into quickly and well, until Captain Ezri was more then confident to leave him her precious ship to continue on with the tradition she utterly failed to pass on to any of her natural born children. A charge and legacy he's proud to continue.

Worry for his old captain remains, so Jimbo and the Emerald Tide can often be found at the settlement she's retired to with her wife.

[OOC] -- Jimbo is a collaborative NPC.
Updated with my part of the story.

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