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[NPC] Silver Duras
Name: Sol'ta 'Silver' Duras
Age: 19
Race: Mesalian, Ko'ban
Rich tanned skin dotted with scars, Silver likes to adorn herself in not just silver, as her name sake implies but bright festive colors that are hard to come by. She stands out unafraid of the miss-matched nature of this love of color. She has long black hair that lays bone straight but she keeps it braided on her head under a scarf to keep salt spray out of it.

Profession: 1st Mate -- Emerald Tide (sailor)

Secondary profession: Bosun (carpenter)

The Ko'ban Tribal lands in the mainlands.

Languages spoken (skill level):
Mesalian -- (competent)
Ko'ban -- (expert)

Closest living family:
Ezri Lapis Duras (adopted Mother)
Zarkaylia Duras (adopted Mother)
James 'Jimbo' Lapis (adopted Brother)

Ezri - Family
Zark - Family

Jimbo - Family
Mike - Friendly
Al - Friendly (crushing on, hard)

Story in short:
Sol'ta was born in the tribal lands but has suspected for most her life that the tribe she comes from is long gone, this coupled with the fact for all of her life she can remember she had been a slave. Being groomed to be a child bride she and a number of other slaves where being shipped across the mainlands to be sold, or in her case, married to an elderly land baron. 

Though this trade didn't go as planned when a pirate vessel sailed by Captain Ezri came across the vessel and promptly raided it, stealing it's human cargo, and leaving the crew and captain dead. They even sank the slaver's ship for good measure.

At first Captain Ezri wasn't sure what to do with them, just that the slave ships where their targets. She at first used the slaves to help find more ships sent by the slaver they served by the name of Morgan that had been grooming them for life-times of service. 

The captain eventually decided to make those interested her crew, and the rest she returned to the tribe lands, or set up in a village in the forbidden lands. With no known family Silver and a few others stayed. But things where not so simple. The life she'd lived with the slaver had ingrained in her and the others that this upstart pirate was doomed to fail. So when the other's started whispering about mutiny to return to their master to beg her forgiveness... silver remained silent. 

This came to a head in an act of treachery by the others, whom largely left her out of their planning, destroyed the good captain's vessel, and the village she'd founded for those she'd freed.

Silver was left lost again and inspite of attempts to find purpose and a home outside the sea, she always ended up coming back to it. To the adventure, the rare goods, and beauty of it all. So silver resolved to try to redeem herself to the captain by assisting where she could, but the captain (after escaping a stay prison, and being presumed dead) was none too happy with her. Silver was very nearly was killed on sight trying to make amends with Ezri. All it took for her to regain the lost trust was to take a dagger meant for someone else. The near death experience cemented her loyalty for the captain, and she was eventually welcomed back to the crew of her latest ship.

As time went on she showed a good deal of skill for the work, and when Jimbo was named Captain of of the Emerald Tide, he saw fit to make Silver his first mate. As by that point, they where both family in the eyes of Captain Ezri and her wife. Ever since she's worked hard to make herself worthy of the title and rank aboard the very small vessel. Now that she's the first mate she spends a lot of time training the new bosun to do the repair and maintenance work on their ship, and keep the crew armed.

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