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[Image: 9EGwczv.jpg]

Thank you SentaiPink for the amazing artwork <3

Name: Zarkaylia "Zark" Karalis Duras
Age: Around 64, exact date of birth unknown ICly
Gender: Female
Race: Half-blood Xitian without powers. Mesalian.


Zarkaylia stands at 5'7'', a not very tall woman and by no means frail looking. She looks to be in her 50s with her share of fine lines and her silvery grays of wavy/curly and mostly messy long hair. A splash of white hairs on the right side of her head has started to show after head trauma. She's a woman with curves, wide hips, and a chest after childbearing, along with the muscles of an old warrior that's not stopped her training for any longer periods for her entire life. She might not be the tallest but strong and muscular will stand sturdy and immovable. With the years she's grown to look a bit sewy as the underskin fat of youth grow less. This also contributes to her looking a tad smaller with age.

Her eyes carry a Xitian vibrant red color, contradicting her every past claim of being a Mesalian, and her brows are often stuck in a frown, be it when she's on her guard, alert, or simply facing troubles. Her lips are of the thicker kind and her jawline and bit high cheekbones give away her stubbornness and determination.

Faded scars cover her entire body; face, arms, legs, hands, torso, you name it. The markings of brutal torture and many battles over the years. She have not cared about getting new scars for decades now. Most prominent these days are still burn scars from some years ago on the left side of her face and on her hands and arms. She's also lost half her left ear.

Hair: Silver with a splash of white on the right side of her head.
Eyes: Red
Height: ~5'7'' / 170 cm
Weight: 145 lbs / ~65 kg
Body: Curvy and muscular with the confident proud and intimidating posture of a warrior.

Zarkaylia wears a simple white shirt and dark red pants tucked into brown leather boots. A brown-colored corset keeps her shirt in place and in the colder seasons she wears a black bear pelt over her shoulders. A belt rests around her hips with her sword, a pouch, a buckler, and a dagger. Sometimes also a cane of damascus steel. She mostly wear leather gloves.

Zarkaylia braids her long thick locks of silver and white into long thick braids these days, to keep it in some form of order and to be able to decorate her hair with rings. It started with her brother's rings and has now ended in a whole arsenal of rings in gold, silver, copper, iron, and even a wooden bead. Most represent a person of value or hold a story. Some of the metal coloured and some of the rings with gemstones. Notable would be as follows:

Possessions of note (bit of reminder for myself)





Zarkaylia's Days
This I mostly did for myself. What does Zarky do throughout her days?


Thank you SentaiPink <3
Disclaimer: This is my character's thoughts on her relationships with other characters. They are not my personal opinions about the characters themselves or my opinions regarding any person playing the character in question. This also applies in-game and during roleplay. If you take anything of this personaly, distance yourself more from your character or don't read...
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Cuntbeak "Cunty" the Crow

[Image: 1200px-Australian_Raven_RWD1.jpg]


Tikka-Jaree "Ja'ree" or Cuntbeak, at times "Cunt" or "Cunty"


Black and feathery, for some weird reason looks like a frekkin crow, how 'bout that. Ja'ree has pitch black feathers that in the light shift in all from metalic blues to purples and greens. His eyes were black at birth and grew a soft brown. Lately, his eyes are slowly changing to blue.

Cunty was hatched up at the castle/town hall of Nightveil. For some reason he fell out of his nest and ended up flailing about on the Elder Zarkaylia's office floor. His hoarse croaky squeaks for food drew the old bitch's attention and the fluffy appearance melted the old warrior's heart.

Fruits and berries.

Carpet, by the fireplace.

Cunty tends to bite and yell at people he doesn't know trying to touch him. He also doesn't like treated poorly. He's also very protective of his master: Zarkaylia.

If he thinks a person is bad he will yell at them and keep a distance.

He loves fruits, their a real treat!

With his owner, he's very cuddly. He enjoys pets and scritches on his neck and head. He doesn't like his pin feathers touched and will let one know!

He can be demanding, playful and quite.... bit of a cunt.

He enjoys the company of his own kind as well and will frequent the towers and high vantage points of town where other crows roam.

He's a bright bird in some aspects and has been taught a few things by his owner.

He has a good memory, but one can redeem himself in his eyes.

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(Everyone else he's no impression or stronger impression of)
Kane | Any child too young to be careful when petting him | Roe
Updated with what Zarkaylia does during an average day. This is mostly for myself cause I keep forgetting.

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