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The Glorious Atarsis Kingdom
It all started with some fertile land, some natural borders, and five small nations.
[Image: 7czh.jpg]
The five nations were as follows; Atarsis to the North, Freyforge to the west, Cliffmoore to the East, Valedeg to the South West, And Lochelf to the South East. These nations had all settled in the bed of the mountain range around them for protection, and for nearly two hundred years, they managed to work together to live good lives. But as time passed, kings grew greedy, and armies grew restless. It all started when assassins from Cliffmoore went for the throat of the Lochelf king. They failed, and in retaliation, Lochelf asked for assistance from their stronger ally, Atarsis. Atarsis needed Lochelf to use them as a passage for goods to leave the mountains, so they mounted their armies on the borders of Cliffmoores kingdom. The war that ensued lasted nearly a decade, but the final result was Atarsis claiming Cliffmoore for itself.

During this time however, the kingdom of Valedeg had watched as the small armies of Lochelf stretched themselves too thin, and while Atarsis and Lochelf were focused on Cliffmoore, Valedeg struck. In a single night, Valedeg razed the Lochelf castle, killed the royal family, and had taken the Lochelf kingdom. This left Atarsis and Valedeg as the major powers within the mountains, with Freyfordge doing it’s best to stay out of it all. There was a stalemate for several years, until Atarsis struck a deal with Freyfordge. Freyfordge would join Atarsis, and in return, after Valedeg was taken, the Freyfordge king would be put in a seat of power in a newly formed senate. With the Combined armies of Atarsis, Lochelf, and Freyforge, they marched on the combined forces of Valedeg, and Cliffmoore.

The fight lasted eight long years, but after more bloodshed than anyone ever wanted, Valedeg surrendered. For the first time in hundreds of years, the mountains were held under the same flag. Atarsis’s king was a wise man, and while some thought he should enslave the other kingdoms, he saw it differently. The map was whole, and Atarsis was a staggeringly large kingdom. He set in motion rules and plans that helped all ends of the kingdom. From the slums of Lochelf, to the ruins of Valedeg, everyone was taken care of. The nation was pulled together to work for one another and the people quickly learned to love and respect their new king. The king knew what he was doing, and by winning the hearts of every former nation, they would follow him.

It took nearly a hundred years, but as each generation took over, their loyalty to their old kings faded, but their love and admiration to the Atarsis king grew. He helped rebuild all the cities and towns that were ravaged by war. He did it to hide the war from the newer generations. Without ruins, people didn’t question it.

Fast forward to the Xitian invasion, the nation shattered. The Xitians used Atarsis’s fortified location and land for their own use. The royal bloodline was nearly destroyed, if not for the protection of the Daulton family, whose bloodlines run deep into Atarsis history. It managed to survive in a Earl who was young enough to remain hidden as a slave. The people of Atarsis at first made terrible slaves. There were constant insurrection and attacks against the Xitian slavers. Though none had been too successful, these attacks proved fruitless and eventually the people of Atarsis had to start biding their time for a better strategy for winning their freedom to arise. None came, and like the rest of the Mesalian people they lost hope. When the war of Veld came to free the country, it was not surprising that the tides turned quickly. Every jaded slave rose against their masters, to reclaim their land. After their liberation, the Earl was put into power as the new King, but his work was very much cut out for him.

The lands of Atarsis had been shattered. Slaves brought in from other areas now called this land their home, and some resisted following the royal family that they didn’t know. The land was more divided than it was over three hundred years ago. Pockets of resistance stood in the way, and it took years to rebuild the army, but after ten years of fighting, Atarsis was once again whole. The kingdom has grown prosperous, under the leadership of the new King.

There have been minor skirmishes with outside nations, but with rules set in place by the leader of the Daulton Knights, the border has been secured, and life in Atarsis was good. After the kingdom became whole, they built a massive wall to keep out any future threats. From inside their defensive position, the nation grows and prospers. This relative peace continues for a long time until…

The Second opening of the Xitian gate puts all of Atarsis on alert. The military moves the bulk of its forces to the only entrance an army could attack from, and stand ready even to this day. They have sent spies and assassins to watch over the gates, as the combined Mesalian armies have fortified the entrance. Unfortunately, Atarsis was not invited to station guards there, as the rest of the Mesalian population seems to think they would kill all the Xitians… They are right. They have managed to capture a small handful of Xitians traveling to the gate to return to their homeland, and remain ever vigilant for when the Xitian armies attack.


-Royal Family
-Leader of the Daulton Knights
---Master Commander of the Military
---Acting Leader of Royal Guard
---Member of the Daulton Knights
---Kings Strategist
-----Military Commanders
-----Members of the Royal Guard
-----Citizen appointed representatives (Senators)
-------Members of the Military
-------Citizen appointed leaders (Mayors)

Atarsis is settled inside of a massive expanse of valley inside of tall mountains, similar to the alps. They form a horseshoe shape around it, with a small break in the mountains to the south being the only rational entrance. Heavy rains from the mountains flow downstream to combine into five major rivers, all of which lead to a massive lake, so far and wide, that you can’t see the opposite shore from one end to the next. There are several docks along this lake, as it is a choice way of trading goods around the nation. The rivers also aid in this, as moving things down river is very easy.

The land is fertile, and the countryside is littered with beautiful rolling hills. As far as forests go, the closer to the mountains you get, you start encountering dense forests of oak to the south, and pine to the north.

The Kingdom has five city states. These are Penndragon (The Capital of Atarsis), Freyfordge, Valedeg, Lochelf, and Cliffmoore. There are several named and unnamed towns surrounding these cities, most near the population of about 20-80 people. The Kingdom also sports a massive stone wall, at the only easily accessible entrance to the kingdom. It is roughly thirty feet tall, and about twenty feet thick. The hope is that Xitians can't move that much solid stone.

The King: Despite his title, he fills a role more like a president. He has final say over any laws or commands that are established, but he can’t make big choices without consulting the Senate.

The Senate: There are 25 Senators, who are chosen through the citizens, as well as the King, who consults with many before allowing someone to have a seat on the Senate. 5 Senators from each city state (Such as Penndragon), but the votes or applicants for each city state can come any of the smaller outlying towns around them. Those of royal descent are not allowed to hold these seats, to avoid nepotism.

The Mayors: Each town, including the city states, all have a locally elected Mayors. They serve exactly the role you would expect. They make judgment calls on trials, and manage things on the town level. This role can be filled by members of the royal family, and for the five large city states they often are.

The Military and Guard are listed below, in order of importance, station, and rank within the nation.

The Daulton Knights: An Elite group of soldiers, strategists, spies and assassins, whose sole job it to ensure the prosperity and survival of the Atarsis Kingdom, and to a lesser extent, the protection of the Royal family. Most of the time, it is lead by a male of the Daulton bloodline. In case a male isn’t born or trained yet, a member of the Ashford family will head it up until a Daulton is ready. The leader of the Daulton knights is responsible for vetting and selecting the members of the Royal Guard.

The Royal Guard: Hand picked by the leader of the Daulton Knights, the Royal guard is exactly what you expect. They are the Kings secret service, his shield in the night, his last line of defense. The guard extends to nearly all branches of the royal family, no matter how obscure. Even the Kings, nephews, cousins, daughter’s, kid sister has at least one person watching over them. The Royal line was once almost destroyed, and no one is going to let that happen again.

The Military: Standard military, as one would expect. Atarsis has no naval ships, as it’s kingdom is about a day from the nearest shore. The army is in charge of the wall defense, as well as patrolling the long roads between the cities. Their forces include mounted cavalry, spearmen, shield bearers, archers, and basic sword and shield infantry.

Town Guard: Each town has a guard unit. One guard Commander, with a guard sized however large the commander deems necessary. Their job is fairly self explanatory. they guard their town.

Physical: It’s worth mentioning that the women of Atarsis often are born with narrow pelvis bones, and due to the current state of the art medical practices, ((Lack of modern day medical techniques)) it is very common for women to die, or left unable to have a second child after giving birth. Chances are that anyone you meet in Atarsis, has lost a grandmother, mother, or aunt to this type of death, and most women growing up tend to come to terms with this fate.

Education: Education in Atarsis is quite normal. Most towns have school houses, where children are made to attend during childhood. They are taught to read and write, and they are taught the history of their nation. Around the time they reach their early teens, they are expected to pick a profession, and begin training for it. The Mayor of their town will afford a bit of money to any master who takes on students. From their, life is the best teacher. Men are encouraged to join the military, to better their lives, and women are expected to take a role suited to their gender. Furthermore, all citizens for the most part can swim, as the rivers that cover the kingdom are a huge part of trade and life.

Agriculture: Not being near a coast, means that the primary source of food is hunting, and farming. The mountains are full of goats, mountain lions, and large bears. The woods have plenty of rabbits, and deer. Pelts are common, and the meat is expensive, but worth it to get a break from fruits and veggies. The land is ripe for all sorts of farming. In the south, oranges and ‘southern’ plants one might expect. In the north, the climate is a cooler, and apples are commonly picked from trees.

Bloodlines: Who you are isn’t nearly as important as who your father is in Atarsis. Your family bloodline (carried on by the males) can dictate how well off you will be in life. Several families within Atarsis are recognizable, such as the Daultons, Ashfords, Elemonts, and others. These families are often tied to high standing positions in the military, government, and social statue. It is possible over time to improve your families standing in Atarsis, but it takes great feats, loyalty, and dedication.

Appearance/Dress: Citizens of Atarsis are predominantly white, though there is roughly 20% of the population is dark skinned.(Black) As it is a very large kingdom, there is some variants in size and shape. People born in the mountains around Atarsis, though few and far in between, tend to be taller, and bigger. Past that, Atarsis is a diverse nation of eye color and hair colors. As for dress, nothing too special here. There are no special rules or taboo dress. Some people wear the colors of city, but this is more for festivities and gatherings. There is an emphasis on men in the military or guard to wear very formal wear when attending any kind of event, even when not on duty.

Sexism: Atarsis isn’t perfect. While women are not mistreated, they are on a lower caste than men. Women are not allowed to enter many jobs, as well as being unable to enter the military, or serve on the guard. They can become chefs, tailors, teachers for children, and other jobs that don’t require physical strength. Due to how they are raised, most women do not question this. It is instilled in them at a young age, that women are not as strong, or as smart as men, though the ‘smart’ part has started to fade in recent generations. The men too have this instilled in them, that women are the weaker sex, and that it is a mans job to protect them. This is how everyone here were raised, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon..

Racism: As if the treatment of women wasn’t bad enough, Atarsis is probably one of the most racist kingdoms in the middle realm. By races, we mean the Xitians and the Lucins. After the treatment of the Xitians for 30 years, the king and his knights put into effect rules barring any non-mesalians from the kingdom. In addition to this, Xitians are to be killed on sight, and Lucins are told to leave, or be arrested. With the construction of the Great Wall of Atarsis, it is much easier to guard the border, and keep the ‘others’ out. But it doesn’t stop there. Part of the education of the Atarsis youth is about the Xitians and Lucins. It would be polite to say they were just demonized. Most Atarsians believe that Xitians have small stud-like spines running down their back, claws instead of fingers, and webbing between their feet. Lucins aren’t spared either. Though they are depicted as similar to the mesalians, their personalities are described as characteristically greedy, plotting, gremlin like people. .
Ok Rokku, I'm here to get this thing made into official canon lore.

Basics first:
- General spelling e.g. Heirarchy, and discrepancies between Lochelf and Lockelf.

And that's it. No seriously though this thing is almost there. I would like to see a bit more in the history relating it to other major events we all know about. The Xitian slavery is briefly touched upon, but a little more on it wouldn't go amiss, and some of the older things might be worth mentioning just to help place Atarsis' age alongside the worlds'.

Asides from that though I have no major gripes. This is well written and fits nicely (though some of it could be rewritten slightly, personal thing), probably because it's not some ridiculously over complicated lore proposal (Like the one I'm trying to write for a different nation).

Updated spelling to be correct.
Added more lore relation for slavery and the more recent lore.
Awesome. I had one more point that I've since thought of, which is the nature of the people.

I know about their dress being fairly standard mainland dress, but what of the appearance of the people of Atarsis? Their accent? Is there anything notable about a native of Atarsis?

It's not required really for there to be anything, but if there is it'd be worth mentioning it in here.

Other than that I'm pretty happy with it and ready to accept it.
Added some stuff to Culture, Appearance, and Dress.

There is no accent in Atarsis.. meaning they speak unbutchered Common.

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