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Zaira Duras-Stengar
[Image: 2GDPfnl.jpg]
Thank you to SentaiPink for this of course

Zaira Eleonora Duras-Stengar




Zaira stands at about 5’8 with athletic build. Her skin’s tanned.

She build muscles rather easy and due to her interests and athletic lifestyle she’s thus always been a bit stronger and more muscular than her peers. She’s got most her strength in her upper body as a result of her profession as blacksmith. Zaira have wide rounded hips, broad shoulders, sturdy thighs, a small bulk at her tummy, ample chest and proper clearly defined arm muscles.

Zaira stronger bit more defined facial features. Her eyes are large and Xitian red, emphasized by thick black lashes and quite expressive with aid from her black brows. In summers the sun still give her a small band of spread freckles under her eyes and across her nose. A feature otherwise unseen in the family and one admittedly more visible when she was a child. Her hair’s a mane of messy and ashen black locks and reaches about the middle of her upper back by now. When she works the smithy and in the summers when it’s warm she ties her hair up with a leather strap. Normaly she wears her hair as it is and with two ornate steel decorations gathering two locks framing her face.

Zaira smells of roses from her mother’s soap and bathing oils, and burning coal.

Her voice is melodic with depth.

Zaira, when not working, wears a purple and crimson red flwoing dress. It has details such as ornate gold epualettes and waist decoration/belt.

While working or when feeling like it she wears work clothes of simillar colour schemes as the dress, without the gold. A purple tunic with a red satchel, slacks and boots. When needed, she wears armour.

She can almost always be seen with her belt, carrying at least her sword and buckler and at times even her smith's hammer.

Zaira returns from training in Atarsis a young and more guarded woman. Surviving and adapting to the Mainland and a xenophobic surrounding fearing her powers, her survivalism and independence has grown. Her training and experience in battle has made her more... assertive? While Zaira does not think highly of herself, she's grown to not be as bothered by that anymore.

A long time alone with her Xitianness has strengthened her spiritual side and meditation. And brought her into a habit of praying at least once per day, usually early morning. Given the surrounding she was staying in and having to be secretive, she's found an interest in the pagan god Vucaldestus.

She got her humor and temper still, as well as her more playful side, but most of that remain reserved for closer friends.

- Fiery spirit
- Violent by nature
- Honest
- Loyal
- Ambitious
- Hard working
- Cautious
- Withdrawn
- Guarded
- Social
- Struggle to keep her patience (still)
- Courageous
- Adventurous
- A bit playful
- Foul mouthed
- Creative
- Curious
- Friendly
- Tends to be a bit mean
- Got a temper
- Passionate

After the trauma of enslavement Zaira came home showing symptoms such as nightmares/night terrors, irritability and anxietes around feeling vulnerable and/or watched in open areas and/or larger rooms. These days she handles this alright, the night terrors with a dunk in water and the anxiety with wit and aggression, as well as a foul mouth.

Zaira has chosen to live by the lifestyle of a warrior. This promotes such things as example honesty and loyalty.

Zaira quietly practises both the Xitian and Mesalian religions to a degree as she finds some calm in prayers. She's however more loyal to her lifestyle and what it teaches than either religion. She's quiet about it cause the Xitian god King Umbraie can sit very ill with some Mesalians. She at times pray to Vucaldestus.

- Zaira’s always carried an interest for the warrior-life and sword wielding
- Weapons
- Smithing
- Animals
- Drawing
- Painting
- Exploring
- Brawling

Spicy foods, roses, lavender, purple, physical activity, adventure, insence, practising her craft, drawing, animals, summer, fencing/duelling, mead, meats, rum, music, children, playing, snuggling, tea, Lapis' spicy bug snacks, men and women alike. Dresses and just the right amount of flowery decorations.

Racists, whipped cream (especially sweetened), dragons, dark walkers, winter/snow/ice, paperwork, her birth father, bandits, being treated like a child, lies, being watched.

Background story [as accepted January 2014]:


Literacy & Numeracy

Smithing - Competent
Zaira’s was her father’s apprentice for about three years. Since then she’s had two other apprenticeships up till she as the only possible choice became Nightveil’s blacksmith. She’s still got very much to learn.

Swordsmanship - Advanced
Zaira’s been taught how to use a sword for 15-20 years. Her mother begun the training, keeping to the very basics on how to wield, parry and block long enough to escape. For three years, she was taught by Ezri Connors. The remaining years she’s spent as her gramma Zarkaylia’s student. A buckler is part of her training. She's had proper training and experience in battle in Atarsis.

Medicine (Nurse) - Novice
Zaira begun her training as a nurse under Doctor Morgan Roe a while ago. She has passed the first test and know what she needs about anomity. She has a unique perspective due to utilizing her skills with the element Nether.

Cooking - Novice
Well, she can make her own meals without burning anything and it doesn’t taste bad.

Drawing - Apprentice
Her uncle Thomas taught some basic techniques. Picked it up again along with painting.

Earth - Easy use
Zaira’s weakest element. She’s not at all used it much and isn't very able to, even with training from her father, Amdis, whose main element is Earth.

Nether - Advanced use
Zaira's second strongest element is Nether. She's more capable of hurting than healing due to lack of training on the healing aspect of the element.

Fire - Master use
With help from mostly her mother and natural talent for the element, Zaira’s strongest skills are without doubt in Fire. By now she's very good with the element, with another few years of training or a little guidance she can reach her full potential.

Xitian Language (Written and spoken) - Competent
Xitian is Zaira’s second language. With the Xitians seemingly dying out in the Realm, her father’s been adamant to pass his knowledge of his kind along ever since Caesar was born.

Sign Language - Novice
Zaira's sister-in-law Copper is mute and Zaira's brother once decided to surprise his wife with making the whole family learn some sign language. Zaira however doesn't use it very much.
Disclaimer: None of this represent my own opinions! These are solely my character's opnions on other characters!
| Family member* | Romantic love | Trust | Friendly | Neutral | Problems | Dislike | Enemy |

Since Monday this week Zaira have been paused for her journey to the Mainland to study her craft. She's planed to return in about 2 months.

Zaira had finished all her orders (just ask me about them if you need to) and the smithy is now unmanned.

Her home above the smithy remains locked. Note that does not include the smithy itself.
Added relations in second post of the thread. I'm keeping these simple for the time being.
And switched the Pinkie-artsy. Lookin' lovely there, Zaira.

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